Glenn only 98th District candidate endorsed by Right to Life

Midland, Mich. -- Republican candidate for state representative Annette Glenn has been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC, Glenn announced Monday.

"I carried and gave birth to five children, each of them a miracle of God's creation," Glenn said. "I'm all the more blessed to have held our six grandchildren in my arms. In the campaign for the state House seat representing parts of Bay and Midland counties, where I raised my children over the last twenty years, I am humbled to be the only candidate of either party endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan PAC."

The Right to Life endorsement is typically a staple of Republican politics, but Glenn's Republican primary opponent Carl Hamann -- who ran for partisan office three times as a Democrat before switching to the GOP primary this year -- did not receive the endorsement.

Democratic candidate Sarah Schulz also will not receive a Right to Life endorsement. Her Linked-In profile indicates that before moving to Midland seven years ago, she was employed by the Center for Reproductive Rights, an international abortion "rights" group in New York City.

"Our district is pro-life, and pro-life voters have a clear choice between candidates in the Republican primary in August, and again in the general election this November," Glenn said.